Natural Down is used widely in sports jackets and sleeping bags because of its soft, light and warm characteristics. Also, Natural Down is especially suitable for infants and children apparels and bedding because of its safe and non-toxic dealing process.
- The Expert in Down and Feather Industry
- Down is Hard to Cause Allergies. *Reference
- KL DOWN is the Best Choice
The Expert in Down and Feather Industry
KL DOWN sources raw materials globally. KL DOWN provides down with excellent quality for 50 years. KL DOWN is a member of IDFB and IDFB Technical Committee. Also, KL DOWN continuously exchanges and discusses with IDFB authorized labs for all tests every year to make sure we have the highest quality control.
Down is Hard to Cause Allergy
Down is ECO friendly, soft and light. The thermal capacity of down surpasses all synthetic fabric products. According to the studies, there are few allergens on the surface of down and feather.
KL DOWN is Best Choice
KL DOWN controls the quality strictly to make sure the quality. Every product in KL DOWN follows the production procedures: sorting, dedust, rinse, shampoo, dehydration, tumble dry, metal removal and packing. We are proud that all of our advanced down material product meet various standards and customers’ needs. In addition, KL DOWN has been certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class1 which is applied to infants and children apparels and bedding.


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