Water repellent treatment is especially good for outdoor activities and home textile products, home care and military activities.
- Fast Drying
- Longer Durability
- Water Repellency
- Warm
- Dust and Dirt Repellent
- Energy Saving and Fast Drying
- ECO friendly
KL DOWN’s Water Repellent Down is WARMER
In humid climate and environment, the Fill Power of water repellent down performs better over 134% than regular down.
Dust and Dirt Repellent
In addition to the performance for water and oil repellency, dust and dirt are hard to adhere to the down. As a result, it can prevent the down from getting smelly and prolong the lifetime of the down.
Energy Saving and Fast Drying
Compared to the regular down, the water repellent down can save up to 50% of the drying time after being washed.
KL DOWN’s Water Repellent Down is Environmental Friendly
Water repellent down is treated with the bluesign®-approved chemical substances. Also, we provide various choices including fluoride-containing and fluoride-free to meet different needs.
Outdoor Activities
KL DOWN’s Water Repellent Down can maintain dry for a long time which is 4 times longer than the time the normal down can maintain for. Therefore, outdoor enthusiasts can stay dry and comfortable even in a harsh environment.
Children Products
KL DOWN’s Water Repellent Down is suitable for infants and children. With water repellency and fast dry, the Water Repellent Down will not be smelly after the children wet it. Also, it is easy to clean up.
Home Care
KL DOWN’s Water Repellent is warmer than synthetic insulation to make sure that the seniors get proper cares.
Military Activities
Better protections for the people when engaging in military activities in harsh environment.