Down industry has been developed for over 200 years. It originated in Europe and was introduced to America and Asia through European colonization. KL DOWN was founded and grew up in Taiwan since 1966. A trend of global layout has been rising since World War II. KL DOWN is the first company to purchase raw materials all over the world at a low transportation cost in the down industry. Companies in the global waterfowl and poultry industry are located in Europe, America and Asia, and their products mainly sell to Eurasia. Due to the different national standards and requirements, specification and quality of down are highly diversified in different areas. However, avian influenza has damaged the industry for 20 years, so we could hardly get certain down materials. As a result, we set up a strategy to purchase our raw materials from all the main countries of origin in order to reduce the risk of shortage. Various specifications of down products are made according to customized requirements by KL DOWN’s clients globally. Moreover, the factories of KL DOWN are located across Asia near all major production areas of apparels in the world. The shortest transportation saves costs and lowers carbon offsets.
Established in 1966, Kwong Lung has become one of worldwide leading companies in the down and feather industry by continuing development and maintaining sustainable competitive advantages. Owing to the globally environmental change and the rising awareness of animal welfare and protection in recent years, Kwong Lung is committed to taking responsibility for the environment and society; therefore, we require all of our down and feather suppliers meet the following principles:

● Suppliers shall comply with all applicable local animal welfare law and regulations, manufacturing and processing down and feather materials in humane ways.

●  Suppliers shall not source, produce, process or sell any live-plucked down and feather materials and its products.

●  From breeding, slaughtering through collecting down and feather materials, suppliers shall periodically provide a series of traceable transaction documents for monitoring and managing their production and products.  

●  Suppliers will continuously monitor their production process, actively improve and enhance the efficiency for the use of resources, reduce disposal of wastes, and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

●  Suppliers shall neither use child labor nor prisoner and illegal workers. The term “child” means a person who is younger than the local legal minimum age for employment.

●  Suppliers shall comply with all applicable local labor laws, including minimum wages, overtime wages, maximum working hours and other related regulations, and provide employees with legally mandated benefits and rights.  

●  To ensure the health and the safety of working conditions, suppliers shall provide every employee with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations. 

●  Suppliers are committed to above principles. All suppliers understand and agree to authorize Kwong Lung and other third parties periodically to engage in monitoring and auditing activities in order to confirm the completion of this Code of Conduct.