World Class Down And Feather Product
Environmental Certification
Livestock such as dock and goose are materials mainly for the food industry but not the down industry. Down and feather are downstream by-products of food industry. In early years when the down and feather industry hasn’t been developed, these by-products were disposed in a landfill like any other waste. Companies in the down and feather industry like KL DOWN collect the down and feather from the waste, reproduce and find new value for these by-products. KL DOWN is renowned as one of the largest manufacturers of fine feather/down, earning good reputation for nearly 50 years. Our core value is innovation, trust and cooperation. KL DOWN does not support and do condemn the practice of Live-plucked or force feeding for foie gras. However, we believe that this is an issue that must be handled by the food industry who are the only financial driver of the practice.
KL DOWN supports the concepts of the green and environmental friendly production
KL DOWN supports the concepts of the green and environmental friendly production, and endeavors to implement the concepts into the products. KL DOWN is committed to the human and ethical treatment of all animals. Therefore, with regard to issues such as force feeding and/or collecting down and feather from live-plucked birds, we have established relevant policies and code of conducts within the whole supply chain and make sure all practices are in compliance with local laws and regulation. This also ensures KL DOWN customers as well as end users that they are able to purchase and use KL DOWN products without any concerns.