Down is used as light filling material for hundreds years. KL DOWN has been built up since 1966. We focus on the laundry techniques to improve quality of down products. The ex-CEO James Chan was the first man to launch “the specification of down products”. For decades, KL Down have gotten repetition and become one of largest down product manufactories in the world. The new lifestyle is rising up and creates new requires. Production will be not only on specification-manufacturing, but also customized. Innovation and assurance are the major core value to the next generation.
Since World War II, new techniques for lifestyle have been developed. Working is not only thing for everyone, but also recreation. More and more requires for recreation are presented and affect industries. Down is traditionally used as a filling material for warm insulation. Outdoor activities for recreation need more function not only on cloths, but also filling materials. Functional down products will be a new trend in the future. KL DOWN is the first that set the research and development abilities up to create new application and techniques of functional down products in the down industry. It will focus on three requirements “Safety for working, Comfort for recreation and health for living.” Down will work functionally in the down products.
For a long time, KL Down focuses on quality-improvement of down products and builds unique and strict standards. At recent years, identification of quality is not to be good only for products, but also for ecology. Business and society have been companied, instead, opposition. bluesign® recently certified KL DOWN as the first blusign partner in the down industry at 2010. It thought that KL DOWN has set and worked for eco-friendly, customers reliably and labor safely. Further, advantage physical and chemistry abilities for quality control of down have been set up since 2011. Down examination center of KL Lab develops detection methods for down at 2012 and guards a pass through importation and exportation of down products.
To be a leader of down industry, KL DOWN thrives to the top and take prides in being a member of global feather and down industry. New customized applications of down products offer market new alternatives to conventional down insulation. KL DOWN  values social responsibilities and put into its daily management practices.